Self Service
and Laundrette

You are requested to come and use our top-notch coin laundry facilities and get all the facilities that you are pining for. Our coin laundry service offers a bright, clean Laundromat environment. Our large capacity dryers and high rated washing machines are sure to do the needful for you. Get in touch with us and feel the difference.

Our Speciality

We Deliver in 24 or
48 Hours

We take up the onus of completing our task and delivering it back within a stipulated time frame.

Out prices are extremely reasonable and our customers are informed on all of our offers and price changes.

Helpful & Friendly

The staffs working with us are extremely approachable and very friendly. They’re always ready to help in a professional manner.

How It Works

It is very simple, you need to put the clothes in our machines and choose from six different kinds of program. If you have chosen warm or hot program, you need to put soap powder in slot B. If you have chosen a program that has a pre-wash add soap in slot A, but maximum of it will go to slot B. If you are using softener, this goes to slot C. Close the door carefully and enter coins. Choose the heat and dry your clothes accordingly.

We Can Wash and Dry Dirty Laundry

We Return Your Clean Laundry

Choose AnyTime for Delivery