What Does the Freedom App Do

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What Does the Freedom App Do?

One of the problems with online gambling is the lack of regulation and its clandestine nature in most countries. For example in the UK there are very few regulatory measures in place to regulate online gambling and the UK online casinos are not subject to the same legal and customer driven standards as those found in live casinos. This leaves customers at risk and without recourse if they wish to withdraw from an online casino UK site as they may be denied access to funds due to financial or personal problems. Worse still some UK online casinos encourage their clients to wire money through offshore casinos in an effort to minimise taxes and avoid UK jurisdiction altogether.

According to one leading addiction specialist the biggest threat to Britain today is online gambling addiction. He further states that young problem gamblers in particular how to get around gamstop are amongst the hardest of alcoholics to treat. However, some experts believe that it’s just the tip of the ice berg and most trouble gamblers in the UK are in fact left uninformed by the statistical data on online gambling. In addition to this, offshore gambling sites are not subject to the same stringent regulatory measures as their live counterparts. This leaves many UK online casinos encouraging their clients to wire money through offshore casinos and to hide their identity behind a false identity for the duration of a gambling session.

In order to combat UK online gambling addiction there are a number of solutions. One of these solutions is a software product which enables users of internet gambling sites to track all of their transactions including the ones that are taken advantage of. The app is designed to do this in secret but anyone in possession of such a copy can monitor their credit card or debit card usage activities, or whether any of them are successful in securing funds for gambling sites. This in turn allows the user to either close out the app or prevent it accessing any further funds. If the user prevents access to funds then they can avoid paying back whatever winnings they may have won, and in the worst case scenario, they can avoid being charged out for using the app.

For those already addicted to online gambling addiction, these apps can be a Godsend. It gives the gambler an insight into the real world outside of their virtual playtime and it shows them what life is like without their addiction weighing them down. In addition to tracking the actual amount of money being spent, the software also tracks gambling behaviour. This is invaluable as it gives a gambler a real tangible result to compare their online gambling addiction against.

The Freedom app provides the user with the ability to transfer large sums of money from their bank account. This is done by transferring the amount of money to a ‘deposit’ of your choosing, and then once the balance reaches a certain point, it automatically withdraws it from your bank account. A great feature of the Freedom app is that you never have to worry about security issues as the money you transfer is completely secure. There are no recurring session fees so you don’t ever need to worry about how you’re going to pay it back!

As with all of Apple’s gambling offerings, the Freedom app is free for iPhone users. If you want to play more than one game, you can transfer funds between accounts. The app also doesn’t require any special downloads or internet connectivity to work. It’s available for both smart phone and iPad devices, meaning that you can gamble on the go without having to leave your house!

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